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What Are Therapeutic Socks? 

If you're dealing with impaired blood flow, chances are you've heard of therapeutic socks. Restricted blood flow often results in uncomfortable aches and pains. Not to mention, this seemingly harmless problem can lead to further more severe health conditions. However, compression socks are a simple yet effective solution to your blood flow problems.   

Compression socks and stockings are designed to offer maximum comfort to users. Not just this, but those looking to expedite their performance in sports or suffering from medical conditions often use these as well. But before you purchase these, you must learn more about them to ensure you make the right purchase. Below we discuss what features you should look for when purchasing therapeutic socks and why there amazing:

What are Therapeutic Socks? 

Therapeutic socks boast a design that offers excellent compression therapy by gently applying pressure to your legs and ankles. 

These socks are fabricated from high-quality materials and designed to be snug yet stretchy on your feet. These compression socks and stockings are tighter around your ankle and loose near the top. Here, your sock or stocking squeezes your lower leg to add comfort. 

In turn, they promote proper blood flow right from your legs up to your heart. Moreover, it reduces discomfort and swelling. 

What are the Different Types of Compression Socks 

You can find compression stockings in three main types. These are as follows:

Graduated Compression Stockings

Graduated compression stockings boast an innovative design where the compression level is highest towards your ankle and lower at the top. These are designed based on a professional fitting to match particular strength and length specifications. 

These socks are perfect for reducing swelling, as well as an excessive buildup of blood in one place. 

Anti-embolism Stockings

Similar to the first type, anti-embolism stockings boast an innovative gradient compression design. The difference, however, is the difference in their compression levels. 

Moreover, the target audience for these types of compression socks is immobile people. One amazing benefit of these stockings is that they prevent deep vein thrombosis from occurring.

Non-medical Support Hosiery 

Available at pharmacies and online markets, non-medical support hosiery lacks the need for a prescription. These comprise an elastic support hose alongside flight socks to relieve tired and aching feet. 

Besides this, non-medical therapeutic socks offer a uniform compression that applies comparatively less pressure. 

How do Therapeutic Socks Work? 

Therapeutic socks apply a certain amount of pressure on your legs. It helps enhance the performance of your blood vessels. Here they promote the arteries to carry oxygen-rich blood to help your muscles relax. Besides this, the socks boost circulation to ensure adequate blood travels within your body. 

The innovative design of compression socks avoids achiness and pain in your legs. Moreover, these socks help ease swelling, numbness, and spider veins. Besides, healthy circulation means you won't feel light-headed or dizzy upon standing up. 

On the other hand, these socks ensure the blood won't pool in your veins to form clots. Besides this, it restricts the downward movement of blood and increases the volume of blood flow to reduce the diameter of veins. 

Who Uses Compression Socks? 

Compression socks are available in an extensive range featuring a wide variety of colors and styles. Thus, compression socks can be used by a variety of different people to relieve their pain. Below we discuss who uses compression socks:

  • Those suffering from medical conditions like diabetes, venous leg ulcers, and phlebitis 
  • To help prevent varicose veins and spider veins. 
  • To help treat edema and other chronic venous disorders. 
  • Those that sit or stand for prolonged periods. For instance, a traveler sitting in a plan for several hours may benefit from its blood flowing properties. 
  • People fresh out of surgery
  • Athletes aiming to enhance their stamina

Overall, the purpose of therapeutic socks is to promote healthy circulation in your body. Thus, they are perfect for everyday use as well.  

How to Wear Compression Stockings? 

With the plethora of options available, it's not very challenging to find the perfect fit for your feet. Not to mention, the nurse or GP is likely to double-check whether your desired pair suits you properly or not. They'll also update you on whether both your legs or one requires the stockings. 

Avoid picking a pair that's too long, as well as don't fold the tops. It may lead to restricted blood flow. If your doctor prescribes therapeutic socks, you'll have to wear them throughout the day. However, you may remove it while showering and sleeping. 

Revisit your doctor according to their advice to monitor your progress. Moreover, get your leg measured when you visit again to replace the old stockings.

What are the Benefits of Therapeutic Socks 

Therapeutic socks are jam-packed with benefits. We've compiled the top benefits down below:

Therapeutic socks are an incredible way to support your limbs' muscles and joints to improve your performance when exercising. 

Typically, those fighting against diabetic neuropathy are more susceptible to infections. Adding a layer of protection, aka your compression socks, restricts the development of any infection. It also protects your skin from the climate and weather. 

Compression socks offer an effective and budget-friendly solution to venous disorders.

If you sit or stand for a long-duration, these socks will do wonders for your health. By ensuring healthy blood circulation, these socks reduce the chances of swelling or discomfort coming your way.

Perfect for sports enthusiasts, compression socks boast a futuristic design that promotes higher oxygen levels in your body. Thus, your stamina also spikes up. 

Since therapeutic socks improve blood circulation, they can also help to prevent the formation of blood clots.  

Therapeutic socks are an excellent way of helping to prevent orthostatic hypotension, i.e., lightheadedness and dizziness upon standing up

These revolutionary stockings may prevent venous ulcers.

Compression socks promote faster recovery by improving circulation. In turn, nutrient-free and oxygen-depleted blood cells are transferred from your exhausted legs and feet towards your lower limbs.

These stockings are designed to improve lymphatic drainage in your body. 

When your blood flow improves and your limbs ensure optimum performance, your overall well-being also increases. 

These socks utilize top-notch quality material to bring you luxe and comfy socks that rest snug atop your feet. 

Apart from being super useful, therapeutic socks offer fascinating designs alongside eye-catching colors you're sure to fall in love with instantly.

Features to Consider When Purchasing Therapeutic Socks 

Part of utilizing a therapeutic sock is ensuring it's a perfect size. Following are features to keep in mind when making your purchase:


Before finalizing your purchase, make sure you select the perfect size of your compression sock. Before any swelling, use a measuring tape to find the circumference of your calf and ankle. You should measure the length of your calf as well. 

With the help of these accurate measurements, find therapeutic socks that match your size perfectly. 

The Compression Level

Another feature that impacts your purchase is the compression level. Keep in mind the following points when buying one for yourself:

Mild Compression- 15-20 mmHg is perfect for sports recovery and daily wear.

Moderate Compression- 20-30 mmHg is perfect for medical and sports recovery. 

Firm Compression- 30-40 mmHg is perfect for medical or, in case of severe conditions, daily wear. 

Do You Want Socks or Stockings?

Therapeutic socks are available in an extensive range to cater to the needs of different patients. From thigh-highs to ankle socks, therapeutic socks come in several different sizing options to help you locate the one that matches your taste. 

The Price Tag

Here's the thing; low-quality socks available at a low price won't ensure maximum comfort. Instead, it's a better idea to select one bespoke, high-quality artistry matched with top-notch materials. 

Select One That Matches Your Stylish

A plethora of available options also means you get to choose from a wide variety of styles. From vibrant colors to beautiful patterns, you can enjoy scouring through stunning designs.   

Are There Any Side Effects of Using Compression Socks? 

An in-depth study conducted in 2007 shows results that misuse of compression socks lead to peripheral nerve damage. Another research suggests that compression stockings may lead to the breaking of the skin. 

It means that compression socks aren't without risks. Therefore, if your doctor prescribes them to you, you must inspect your legs every day for any redness or irritation. Any skin change may occur as a result of:

  • Wearing socks that aren't the right size
  • You not wearing them properly 
  • An infection 
  • Allergies to the material of your sock

Extensive research also shows that if those suffering from abnormal arterial flow use compression socks, it may worsen their condition. Thus, it would help if you get a proper prescription before making a purchase. 

The Bottom Line 

Therapeutic socks strive to enhance the blood flow through your body. Since these come in various options, finding an appropriately sized pair that matches your taste perfectly won't be difficult. 

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