10+ years of development has gone into making our diabetic socks the go-to choice for thousands. Say goodbye to pain caused by ill-fitting socks and say hello to quality, comfort, and great fitting socks! 

Our Socks Improve Lives

Don’t just take our word for it! Listen to this story of Roger H., a 53 year old mechanic from NC, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at 48 years old. 

For a few years, Roger felt that he was doing everything he needed to keep his diabetes in check. He monitored his blood sugar, managed his diet, and exercised regularly. He’d seen the damage that diabetes could do. His sister-in-law had lost her foot from complications to diabetes years ago, and his son struggled with his weight due to his diabetes.

One day, Roger noticed an odd ulcer on his foot. His mind began racing with worry and he called his doctor, panicking. “Is this a sign of something more serious? Am I going to lose my foot over this?”

Once his doctor saw his feet, he gave Roger the news:

The good news was that Roger’s feet would be fine after treatment…

The bad news? Roger wasn’t taking care of his sensitive feet nearly as well as he thought he was.

The doctor gave him the rundown, and it wasn’t pretty. He had scarring from previous sores left unattended and his blood flow was poor. 

Roger’s doctor made it clear, he had to start taking better care of his feet immediately

Taking care of his diabetic feet meant…

  • No more walking around barefoot! Roger needed to wear diabetic socks, even at  home, to protect his feet.

  • Keeping a closer eye on his feet. Getting a pedicure once a month and calling it good wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

  • Buying a pair of shoes that fit. Squeezing his feet into his son’s hand-me-down shoes was becoming a real problem.

Buying new shoes and keeping a good eye on his feet were easy compared to finding quality diabetic socks. Roger was appalled at the quality of the socks he bought at the pharmacy. They fell apart in two weeks! 

After weeks of searching, Roger found our socks. We’ll let his testimonial speak for itself:

“I spent over $120 dollars searching for a pair of diabetic socks that fit right without falling apart in two washes. These socks go beyond that, they’re the most comfortable socks I’ve ever owned! Now I don’t have to worry about my feet all the time. I can finally go on walks with my wife without stopping to pull up my socks every few minutes. Thank you so much!“

- Roger H., North Carolina

So… what makes our socks so comfortable, effective, and long lasting?

  • A fit that’s tight enough to stay on, while staying loose enough to feel breathable and comfortable. 

  • Sturdy construction with as few seams as possible to minimize possible irritation.

  • A soft blend of textiles that provide warmth to help promote proper blood flow.

  • A special design to help relieve pressure on the legs and feet rather than constrict them.

Diabetic socks are essential for taking proper care of your diabetic feet. 


We've seen firsthand what diabetes can do to a person's feet. Improper diabetic foot care has led to our friends, family, and loved ones losing limbs. This is why we're so determined to help our customers take better care of their feet, one pair of socks at a time.

For ten years, Diabetic Sock Club has worked to develop socks designed for day to day wear for diabetics. In a world full of socks for 'regular' feet, we knew that diabetics across the country needed something more. They needed something special, and that’s where we come in. 

Diabetic Sock Club is working to radically change the way diabetics treat their feet by making foot care easy, affordable, and trouble-free.

We care because of people like Roger, and so many others like him across the country. Every day, we hear stories from customers telling us what they really think about our socks… 

“I never thought such a small change could do so much. My feet have NEVER felt better! As someone who’s been struggling with neuropathy forever, let me tell you that these socks are the only ones that have ever helped me. I’m buying myself at least another six pairs!” - Tracy L., New York ★★★★★

“Taking care of my feet has never really crossed my mind before. After nearly losing my right foot to a serious infection, I started taking foot care seriously. My doctor recommended diabetic socks, and these are the most comfortable pair I’ve found yet. Makes taking care of my feet a breeze. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase!” - Logan O., Texas ★★★★★

“These socks are the best I’ve ever bought. I can go out all day without worrying about my feet getting sweaty. When I get home and change socks it’s so easy to slip a new pair on. Perfect fit!” - Archie N., Florida ★★★★★

Don’t Wait For A Serious Foot Complication

Roger nearly waited too long to get serious about his foot care. He sent us this email several months after purchasing his first pair of socks:

“Just tried on a pair of my old socks and I can’t believe I ever wore these! Yikes! It’s like wearing duct tape around my feet they’re so tight. I just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful socks. My feet are so much easier to take care of now.”

A serious foot complication can pop up when you least expect it, and this can lead to endless worry about your feet. Start taking care of your feet from the ground up with a pair of comfortable diabetic cotton socks, sent to you whenever you need them.

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