Donations for Mission Driven Organizations

At Diabetic Sock Club, we love working with mission driven organizations to help improve the lives of those living with diabetes.  We've seen first hand the negative implications of improper footcare which include restricted mobility, amputations, and the emotional strain it places on people. 

Our mission is to make life better through proper foot care.  Diabetic socks are one of the most requested items from elderly communities where 1 in 4 people suffer from diabetes and find it hard to access proper diabetic socks.

We also understand we are a small team and the best way for us to help is to empower those that are already helping.  Because of this, we offer cash donations, co-marketing dollars, and products at a considerably reduced cost to Federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that are aligned with DSC's mission to help educate and provide wellness products for the elderly community.

Here are the ways we typically work with organizations such as retirement communities, veteran affairs offices, diabetic organizations, and more to help increase awareness of proper diabetic foot care:

Co-Marketing:  We'll help drive awareness for your mission.

  • We can also write a guest post on our blog to help drive awareness for your non-profit.  Our blog posts get syndicated to 10,000+ social media followers, over 100,000 email subscribers, and over 50,000 visitors to our website each month.
  • We're happy to write a guest post for your blog / members around proper diabetic foot care from our diabetic foot experts.  This is a great way to educate your members on the importance of foot care.
  • We're also happy to share any upcoming events you have to help drive awareness for your mission when we do this syndication!

Unique DSC Offers:  We'll provide exclusive offers to your community.

  • At no cost, we will send you flyers with unique coupon codes or gift certificates for your specific community to help them save on the socks they need.
  • When a coupon code or gift card is redeemed -- we will donate 25% of the purchase amount directly to your nonprofit organization.
  • Our 501(c)(3) promotional gift cards are worth $20 Each.  We can also offer 50% off gift cards over $20 if your organization would like to purchase gift cards at a larger denomination.
  • Here's an example of a co-branded gift card.  For this organization, we donate 25% every time a gift card is purchased:

Bulk Ordering:  We'll help you gift community members the socks they need.

  • Incorporate “free socks” into your educational workshops as an incentive to keep member engaged.
  • Include socks in your holiday giveaways or care packages.
  • We can donate returned / unworn socks for free.  We prioritize our best partners.  This will be a variety of styles / colors / sizes.
  • If you need a specific style/color/size, we offer bulk order discounts:
    • 30% off bulk purchases over $500
    • 40% off bulk purchases over $2,000 

Please contact us below if we can help your organization!