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Who Makes Loose Top Socks For Men & Women?

Diabetic patients often suffer from foot sensitivity and nerve damage, causing a tingling sensation. It may even lead to numb feet, and therefore, they require special socks for protection and comfort. These socks improve blood flow and reduce the risk of feet numbness and skin irritation.

Prominent Features of Diabetic Socks

However, comfort is the top priority when buying diabetic socks for yourself. It would be best to consider factors such as materials, fabric, elastic bands, and padding since people suffering from diabetes require socks that are soft, comfortable, and irritant-less for safety and pain relief. 

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, diabetic patients should wear socks with no seams but soft padding. This unique construction will relieve blood supply, keep the feet warm and dry for a healthy lifestyle. 

Furthermore, these socks have moisture-wicking abilities to mitigate the production of sweat and dampness. The materials are also breathable and promote air circulation, which mitigates the infestation of germs, bacteria, and allergens to prevent skin infection. 

What are Loose Top Socks, and Why Do You Need Them?

Loose top socks are free of elasticated seams, so you won't feel any tightness or irritation around your ankle or calf, depending on the length. Therefore, these socks are comfortable to wear throughout the day without flaring your skin. 

Not everyone needs loose top socks, but people with diabetes, cold feet, swelling, and broad ankles or feet require loose top socks. Wearing tight-fitting socks, especially when you have thick feet or broad ankles, can lead to discomfort. Moreover, it will be difficult to pull them on and lead to aching or swollen bunions. 

Ill-fitted and tight socks can also exert pressure on ankles and calves while also restricting blood circulation. This could be the worst-case scenario for diabetic patients as restricted blood flow can cause nerve damage and feet injuries. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Socks:

People with swollen feet or broad ankles tend to buy bigger-sized socks for comfort. However, these socks only bunch up around the heel and toes without proper support. Due to friction and trapped moisture, you may even get blisters, gouts, and corns.

People with foot problems should consider buying contoured and cushioned socks for maximum alignment. Due to custom design for the heel and toe region, these socks provide adequate support without causing friction or blood flow restrictions. This means you will no longer be suffering from numbness or tingling sensitivities. 

Ensure the socks you bought don't shrink after washing to be the right fit even after years of use. 

Benefits of Loose Top Socks:

Improve Blood Circulation 

These non-binding socks facilitate blood circulation by applying the right pressure on your nerves. In turn, you'll have plump and soft feet free of any bad odors or sensitivities.

Prevent Chilblains

They might sport loose-fitting, but these socks offer proper insulation so that your feet don't turn cold during winters. They are also a great fit for those suffering from cold feet due to inadequate blood supply. 

Stretchy and Comfortable

To ensure the socks stay at their place, manufacturers use stretchy and breathable materials. This means your feet will be covered from all the right places but free of irritated skin, red marks, and itchiness. 

The Best Loose Top Socks for Men and Women

Here, we have listed down the top 10 loose socks brands that you can easily find online. 



Dr. Scholl's Men's and Women's Diabetic and Circulatory Socks

Dr. Scholl's is a popular loose top socks brand that offers consumers an extensive range to choose from. The company has an extensive collection of non-binding socks for both men and women available in all sizes. It ensures you'll be able to find the perfect match without any hassle. 

Dr. Scholl's fabricates their high-quality diabetic socks from a super soft textile blend that promises comfort. Moreover, to maximum comfort, the socks offer a cozy fit that ensures the sock is neither too tight nor too loose. It even boasts a remarkable pull-on closure feature that makes it easy for you to pull the socks on. 

The sock's polyester and textile combination, so you get your hands on a lightweight and breathable pair. Not to mention, these non-irritant socks ensure moisture-wicking. It keeps your feet dry, fresh, and free from odors. Furthermore, these ankle socks come with a unique toe seam and cushioned sole that boosts circulation and comfort. 

EMEM Apparel Diabetic Dress Crew Socks

EMEM Apparel's Diabetic Dress Crew Socks rock a design that imitates a standard dress sock. It means you enjoy maximum comfort without sacrificing style. 

These loose top socks boast a finely ribbed design that offers a fashionable look. Not just this, but the socks come in a wide variety of attractive colors and sizes as well. Apart from looking fantastic, EMEM Apparel socks deliver incredible comfort as well. 

The brand engineers top-tier socks from a mixture of cotton, polyester, and spandex. It means you can count on your socks to be both comfy, as well as breathable. Its remarkable design promotes better circulation and eliminates irritation. Moreover, EMEM socks come with the promise of durability and sustainability.   


Orthofeet is a brand that specializes in biomedically manufacturing top-notch quality diabetic socks. The brand uses first-rate quality materials to ensure comfort, protection, and style. 

Moreover, the company offers an array of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from. Here you can find a wide variety of aesthetic colors. You can even benefit from their wide range of sizes starting from 4 to 15. 

Besides this, the sock allows you to choose additional features as well. You can find socks boasting extra padding, perfect for sensitive feet, extra room that ensures a comfy fit, and ones with padding starting from the toe area right up to the welt. Apart from the amazing comfort, these socks utilize first-rate bamboo yarn to offer a non-irritant, luxe, and comfortable feel. 

PediFix Seamless Oversized Socks

PediFix is a well-renowned brand in the 'diabetic socks' world. The best part? The socks are hand-crafted for consumers fighting ankle swelling. It means that anyone looking for ample breathing room and extra width will benefit from the socks' oversized fit. 

Besides, these socks feature revolutionary anti-microbial and seamless properties. Both of which ensure comfort and protection. Moreover, PediFix offers a wide variety of men and women loose top socks to choose from. You can find a wide range of colors and sizes.


FootSmart is your go-to brand if you prefer a wide pair of socks. These socks provide ample room to move in. Moreover, FootSmart engineers their socks in an acrylic style that makes it easy for you to carry out daily activities.

Not just this, but FootSmart socks feature an added sole and micro-profile toe seam that ensures maximum comfort. On the other hand, its wide cross stretch allows you to stretch the sock 23 inches wide. Lastly, the socks come in two standard colors; a classy black and a pretty white. 

Debra Weitzner Non-Binding Loose Fit Sock

Debra Weitzner manufactures high-quality diabetic socks for both men and women. Here you'll be able to find a plethora of different comfort levels, styles, additional features, and colors. 

The brand strives to enhance comfort, which is why their socks come with extra padding. It cushions your sensitive areas to improve circulation and offer utmost care. Moreover, it features a breathable fit that keeps your feet safe from blisters and friction. It also absorbs sweat remarkably well to keep your feet dry and fresh. 

Furthermore, this wide-ankle sock manufacturer is physician approved and recommended for circulatory problems such as neuropathy, edema, and diabetes. 

Bamboo Village 

Bamboo village manufactures an array of stylish socks that are super comfortable. The brand manufactures quality socks from top-notch quality bamboo. 

The bamboo of these socks is naturally hypo-allergenic and antibacterial. It means these loose top socks kill bacteria to prevent foul odor. Moreover, the socks are soft to touch, making it the perfect option for those struggling with allergies.  

Furthermore, these eco-friendly socks offer a unique thermo-regulating feature that ensures temperature regulation. It means your feet will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

All in all, Bamboo village offers multiple widths alongside a variety of sizes. Moreover, you'll find several different eye-catching colors as well. It includes; blue, red, purple, pink, black, and so on. 

Falari Physicians Approved Diabetic Socks

Falari Physicians manufactures super silky and luxe diabetic socks that offer an exclusive fitting. It means you'll find loose top socks that are neither too tight nor too loose. 

Not to mention, the brand offers extensive width alongside a comfortable cushioned support. Besides this, you get to enjoy fantastic breathability that keeps bad odor away from you. Moreover, the seamless design running along the toes enhances circulation. 

Plus, the socks alleviate symptoms of diabetes while offering your feet exceptional protection. Also, these comfortable socks come in three classy colors. 


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