What Are The Benefits of Diabetic Socks?

It may surprise you to find out that such a seemingly simple pair of socks can help alleviate your diabetic nerve pain. The overall benefits of diabetic socks is that they're made out of lightweight cotton designed to help keep your feet dry, comfortable, and safe from possible cuts and scrapes. These design features allow you to spend more time on your feet doing the activities you enjoy while spending less time worrying about taking care of your feet afterwards.

The Great Fit

A high quality pair of diabetic socks will fit just like your favorite pair of well worn sneakers. They should be able to stay over your calves without pinching or causing any pressure points. Much unlike compression socks, one of the benefits of diabetic cotton socks is that they fit comfortably, yet loosely with minimal wrinkles. They’re the perfect sock to wear if you like to forget that you’re wearing socks at all.

Because diabetic socks are designed with pain sensitivity in mind, quality socks are focused on getting that Goldilocks fit - not too tight, but not socks you have to constantly pull up either. They manage to do this without making your legs feel like they’re wrapped in a compression tube. This means you can spend less time fussing with socks that are far too constricting for legs that need a little extra TLC.

Helpful hint: Many brands offer different sizes of socks in order to help you find the perfect fit. We no longer live in a one size fits all world, and socks are hardly the exception. Take care in figuring out your perfect sock size in your preferred brand of diabetic socks to see the best results.

Quality Material

Diabetic socks are made from lightweight material. Often, a soft blend of cotton material is used that is designed to help keep your feet comfortable and prevent moisture build up. Most stocks are also made in light colors to help diabetics with reduced sensitivity in their feet spot potential infections and injuries. Due to the quality of material often used, diabetic socks don’t require a special load of laundry so you can always keep your feet in a clean pair.

If your feet are sensitive to temperature changes or swelling, the comfortable cotton material is a great way to help alleviate both problems. Not only will your feet stay nice and warm inside a quality pair of diabetic socks, the snug fit that comes with a well crafted cotton sock is great for helping to reduce swelling.

Help Promote Blood Circulation

A snug fit in a nice warm cotton sock is a great way to help promote proper blood circulation in your feet and legs. Poor blood circulation is a problem that can lead to loads of complications in people who have diabetes, especially in their feet. Diabetic socks are just one of the many tools in your arsenal to help get the blood in your feet circulating.

A soft cotton blend can allow a sock to not only provide comfort, but also help trap in your natural body heat to promote blood circulation in the legs. Proper blood circulation is key in helping prevent further diabetic nerve damage in your feet. This is a simple way to help ensure you’re doing all that you can to take care of your feet.

Careful Construction

One of the most frequently cited benefits of a good diabetic sock is the lack of annoying toe seams! This means there’s no extra material bunched together near your toes, which can be a potential nightmare for someone with diabetic nerve pain. High quality diabetic socks take care in their construction to minimize the number of seams and potential hot spots.

Because diabetic nerve pain can also come with an extreme sensitivity to pain in your legs, proper diabetic socks are crafted with that in mind. While other socks take little care into how much they constrict the average sized calf, diabetic socks aim to comfortably fit over your calves without digging into your skin. This means that there won’t be any marks left by too tight bands or annoying wrinkles at the end of the day when you take your socks off.

Ability to Blend In

A benefit to wearing diabetic socks that you may not think about is that a well crafted pair of them will look like entirely normal socks. Nobody will even be able to tell that you’re wearing special socks at all until you let them know. This also means that your socks won’t stick out like a sore thumb if you decide to wear shorts to the golf course or khakis out for a walk.

The fact that they look like normal socks means that you can also gift diabetic socks to your loved ones, because who doesn’t like a good pair of socks in their stockings at Christmas?

Jokes aside, you may find your loved ones borrowing your special diabetic socks for their own use once they’ve found out how comfortable and long lasting they are. You may end up having to hide your diabetic socks from your non-diabetic relatives in order to keep a few for yourself!

Try A Pair For Yourself

Remember, the less time you spend barefoot as a diabetic, the better. You’ll put your feet at much less risk of accidental injury or discomfort if you treat yourself to a high quality pair of diabetic socks. Not only are you protecting your feet from future harm, you may also see relief from your current pain and swelling. It’s a no brainer to invest in the health of your feet.

Don’t forget to pay attention to your shoes as well. If you’re starting with the great foundation of a diabetic sock, there’s no reason to stick your feet in a pair of less than stellar shoes. Make sure your shoes are designed to go the extra mile!

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