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Can Diabetic Socks Help Numb Feet?


Diabetic patients are vulnerable to nerve damage, a condition we refer to as diabetic neuropathy. Neuropathy is a broader term, and diabetic neuropathy further divides into other branches.

In this condition, you may experience numbness in your feet and toes, foot infections and ulcers. Eventually, if the condition worsens, patients have to undergo amputation or fatal consequences.

This condition becomes more possible as patients advance in age and the duration of their diabetes lengthens. This is more prevalent after the age of twenty-five years.


Diabetic neuropathy has the potential to damage any of the nerves in your body. This, in turn, can obstruct your normal bodily functions, organs and systems. The symptoms of these vary per individual. Some patients experience no symptoms, while others often suffer diarrhea, pain, contractions or wastage, burning, tingling and numbness, muscle weakness, eyesight changes and lots more.

In many cases, patients often suffer weight loss and depression, as well. However, as we already mentioned, the symptoms and severity of the conditions vary per person.


Uncontrolled or dangerous levels of high blood sugar can create numerous risks for your feet. These conditions fall under the branch of peripheral neuropathy, or some people may even refer to it as sensorimotor neuropathy/distal symmetric neuropathy.

This condition is prevalent in most diabetic patients and tends to affect their feet, toes, legs, hands and arms. Like we mentioned above, these problems can exacerbate within no time if you fail to treat the conditions in time, poorly manage your blood sugar levels, etc.

As a result, the worst case scenario may involve amputation of your leg or your arm and even death if the condition rages out of control. It is all too common for diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy to develop sores, wounds, infections and most often unknowingly. Any delay in treatment leads to very severe repercussions, unfortunately.


Symptoms of diabetic neuropathy include:

  • Ulcers and deformities in the foot
  • Your muscles turning weak
  • Experience tingling, prickling or burning sensations in your feet
  • Having peripheral neuropathy may even cause sharp piercing pains in the night
  • Your feet and toes may go numb

Diabetic neuropathy includes numbness in the feet. With this condition, it is easy to sustain injuries unknowingly, such as pebbles stuck in the shoe, the friction of your skin against the sock’s fabric, uncomfortable shoes, etc.

If you cannot feel the injuries on your feet, the sores, wounds, cuts, etc. may turn into infections. This could be fatal for diabetic patients. To prevent this, you must primarily control your blood sugar, regularly check your feet for blisters, wounds, cuts, etc. and wear diabetes-specific footwear to prevent disastrous consequences.


One essential way of managing your neuropathy symptoms being a person with diabetes is by using diabetic socks. These are different from your regular, traditional socks and have a specific design that protects your neuropathic feet against injuries. Besides, the socks also keep your feet warm and dry while improving circulation.

The most beneficial characteristic of diabetic socks include:

  • Easy breathability with comfortable fabrics
  • Most diabetic socks are seamless, so they don’t rub against the skin and cause blisters and ulcers.
  • Decreased blood circulation is another common problem in diabetes. This happens when the blood vessels restrict, and there is an insufficient supply of blood. Diabetic socks prevent this by keeping your feet warm and improving circulation.
  • Diabetic socks are moisture-wicking. This means your feet will remain dry and not suffer any skin infections.
  • The extra padding in diabetic socks protects your foot against injuries by cushioning it.
  • By conforming to your foot and leg, the diabetic sock keeps your foot from sustain injuries.
  • The traditional socks are not the right choice for diabetic feet because they tend to squeeze the toes. Diabetic socks generally have a square toe box, which means your toes will not be squished, be uncomfortable or collect moisture between them.


The conditions and complications that come with developing diabetes vary per individual. If you are fortunate enough not to suffer any neuropathy, then you do not require diabetic socks. However, it would be best if you tried to choose the most comfortable pairs on your feet.

On the contrary, if you have newly developed symptoms or experiencing the existing ones worsening, you must consult your healthcare provider right away. Proper foot care is critical for diabetic patients, and you cannot afford any negligence in this regard.

If you are neuropathic and need a pair of socks to protect your feet, you must analyze your current condition. If you particularly suffer from dryness and cracked skin on your feet, you must look for diabetic socks with a soft material and are incredibly comfortable for your feet.

If you are currently living in the advanced stage of your neuropathy, you require a pair of diabetic socks that fit well. The absolute lack of feeling in your feet will not be the right combination with ill-fitting socks that can bunch up and rub your skin.

It’s important to wear well-fitting socks, but at the same time, they should be seamless so as not to cause injuries or friction against the skin.

Choosing the right pair of socks for your diabetic feet is somewhat tricky. You have searched for pairs that strike a balance between good-fit and good-circulation. Neuropathic feet cannot allow poor-circulation of blood. Socks that are too tight on diabetic feet, or have elastic binding at the top, cant dig into the leg innocently but cause terrible complications later.


Diabetic socks come in wide varieties in the market, but you must pick the pair that meets your needs in every way. You cannot make compromises where the health of your sensitive feet is concerned. For this reason, you must note whether you have low circulation issues.

A limited supply of blood to the feet can worsen your diabetic conditions. They can also drastically slow down your healing time. Wounds can then turn into severe infections and become fatal for you. For this reason, you must try not to use compression socks or only use them when your doctor prescribes them as part of your treatment.

Edema and poor blood circulation are common occurrences in diabetic patients and can happen simultaneously. These also can exist along with swelling in your feet and lower legs. A study claims that socks with mild compression may benefit those suffering from edema and will not harm your circulation. But you must consult your doctor for this verification and ensure proper circulation in the pair you choose.

On this note, it is also essential to highlight the necessity of choosing the right pair of shoes for your diabetic feet. Diabetic socks alone are not enough to prevent the damage neuropathy can cause. So if you wear diabetic socks with a pair of shoes that pinches your feet, the damage is still mounting.

As a result, your blisters, wounds and sores may get out of hand within no time at all. Diabetic neuropathy is not a comfortable condition to live with, but you can prevent many proper foot care complications.


What you eat has a direct impact on your blood sugar levels, which are the ultimate cause of the neuropathy you suffer. So yes, foods do affect the symptoms. The right foods can mitigate your symptoms to a great extent, including sources of vitamin B12 in your daily diet.

You must also try to include poultry foods like chicken and eggs and eat a lot of fish. Lean meat is also a good source of vitamin B12. A good nutritious diet is the best way to combat many health complications, including diabetes.

And while we’re at it, it would be perfect for you to limit alcohol consumption. Excessive alcohol is highly dangerous for diabetic patients with neuropathy, and it would be to your advantage to curb this habit immediately.


Some light exercise daily is also suitable for balancing your blood sugar levels, but mind you, it should be nothing strenuous. You could perhaps enlist yourself in an exercise class, especially for diabetic patients.

Try to steer clear of aerobics and any other exercise regime you have to bounce or jump too much. Exercises that do not exert too much pressure on your feet are the best.


The critical measure of improving your diabetic neuropathy is to keep your blood sugar firmly under control. You must consult your doctor regarding the correct treatments, medicines and practices for your conditions. One vital way of protecting and curbing numbness in the feet in diabetes is through diabetic socks. This helps regulate a good blood flow to keep your feet warm, dry and protected against injuries and are non-binding to prevent discomfort.

If your conditions worsen, you must consult your doctor immediately for the right course of action. Delaying treatments for diabetes could wreak havoc on your health.


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