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Get protection for work or play with Cotton Diabetic Crew Socks. These specially-designed socks have cushioning to help to prevent injury to the feet and lower legs whether you’re on the job or out for a hike. The physician-approved socks are machine-washable, moisture-wicking, and anti-blister to keep your foot worries to a minimum.

Extra stretch in the top of the sock prevents blood flow restriction without falling down to your ankles. Available in a variety of colors, these socks can be worn daily--no matter what your schedule looks like. Like all of our socks, these are made in the USA and come with a 100% Quality Guarantee.

Experience Ultimate Comfort throughout the Day with Diabetic Crew Socks

Men's Cotton Diabetic Crew Socks give ultimate comfort throughout the day with their unique knitted design. They are unique, shaped to fit socks that are perfect for diabetic patients. However, anyone can enjoy all-day comfort by wearing them. Due to their seamless design and moisture-wicking properties, these socks help remove pressure, soreness, and friction from the ankles and feet.

Soft, Cozy, and Non-Binding

Most regular socks bind tightly to the legs, which causes restriction of blood flow. This can cause swelling, pain, and soreness in lower limbs and feet. The men's cotton diabetic crew socks are soft, cozy, and non-binding, which keep your feet comfortable throughout the day.

The 80% cotton used in manufacturing these socks helps keep your feet cool and dry while 15% polyester and 5% lycra gives a perfect fit. The cushioned soles give protection to your feet and offer extra comfort. The smooth toe seams remove pressure points, which promotes blood flow.

Anti-Microbial, Breathable, Odor Control, and Durable

Our men’s cotton diabetic crew socks are breathable. They provide odor control and prevent the growth of microbes and bacteria in your feet, which often results from moisture build-up. These socks regulate your feet temperature, keeping them warm and cozy in winters and cool in summers. The one-inch rib welt on top prevents socks from falling and decreases constriction. Our sustainable and chemical-free socks keep your feet free from the effect of harmful chemicals and pamper your skin.

Approved By Practitioners for Therapeutic Properties

Physicians recommend our men’s cotton diabetic crew socks for their therapeutic properties. Diabetic patients often suffer from circulation issues, neuropathy, vascular disorders, and edema. Regular use of diabetic crew socks helps in exercising control over these conditions, giving lasting relief.

Available in Assorted Colors

Men's cotton diabetic crew socks are available in a wide range of colors, including white, black, beige, navy blue, grey, and several others. You can choose the size and color according to your requirements. Pair them up with your favorite pants or shorts and enjoy all-day comfort.