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Who Makes Socks For Swollen Legs & Feet?

We all struggle with swollen legs and feet at the end of a long, tiring day. For some, the swelling is more painful and consistent.

Women and men of all ages suffer from this problem. Although swollen legs and feet do not indicate a serious health problem, it is discomforting for sure. Several reasons could be responsible for your swelling, and if it is a common problem, you can address the issue with a specific pair of socks.

Let’s discuss all below.


Underlying health issues are generally the reasons behind swelling. The severity of the issue varies per person. Perhaps a chronic illness, edema, diabetics, lymphedema, or others could be the reason you suffer discomfort every night.

Swelling is also a very normal occurrence in pregnant women and for those who travel for long hours frequently. Even those who have a strenuous job or spend their entire day on their feet are bound to have swelling at the end of the day from tiredness and over physical exertion. There is generally no cause to worry in such cases, but you sure will have difficulty traveling, moving around, or even doing your house chores.

As we said, when you figure the swelling is the result of strenuous activity or such, you need not worry too much. However, if the swelling persists and turns painful, then it could be a symptom of a health problem.

Some other problems could be the reason, such as hypertension, varicose veins, edema, trauma, etc. Blood circulatory issues are also common perpetrators of swelling.

However, it is best not to draw your only conclusions even if you recognize the symptoms as part of a specific health issue. The best course of action is to consult a physician and discover the root cause through proper medical procedures.


Generally, swelling follows a particular course. It may begin with your toes and feet becoming puffy. Then the enlargement continues, and two or three hours later, you may note inflated skin and perhaps some mild throbbing in the feet. Some individuals may also experience tenderness in the areas of the feet that begin to swell. Others may feel a different filling up of fluids or heaviness in their bodies' lower parts.

As the hour progresses from here on, you will notice a significant increase in the size of your ankle and feet. Even trying to slip on footwear may feel painful and cramped at this point. Some people can suffer dark indentations upon removing socks and shoes from their swollen feet.

If you have newly developed this swelling condition, and are unsure how to determine whether it is swelling or a trick of your eyes, then you can conduct a test. Press the tip of your finger into the seemingly swollen spot. If an indentation occurs and then the skin returns to looking puffy as your finger moves, then you know for sure your legs or feet are swollen.


If minor problems are the cause, you can tackle them with the best socks for swollen legs and feet. Your wardrobe will love the addition, too, while your swollen and uncomfortable legs will love the relief. But what exactly are these socks? Are they different from the regular pairs we all wear?

Yes, the socks that relieve swelling are different from the regular ones. At times, doctors will recommend compression socks to ease your swelling if your condition requires. Or doctors may also prescribe extra-wide and loose-fitting socks, again as your condition demands.

Compression stockings are, by far, the most common solution. They fit snugly and employ graduated pressure to regulate blood flow to your feet and ease discomfort. Experts also suggest that compression socks are a great addition for anyone who suffers swelling due to long hours of standing or sitting.

However, if you are suffering from a particular health condition, we reiterate the necessity to consult a doctor for proper treatment options instead of relying on compression socks. Often people mistake an underlying problem for the occasional puffiness. This could be detrimental to health.

With that said, let’s take a look at the best compression socks in town for common swelling problems:

SB SOX 20-30 mmHg

This pair of compression socks have multiple health benefits in addition to supporting your calf muscle. You can use this pair when you indulge in workout sessions, physical activities, long periods of traveling, etc.

The additional support ensures that no muscle fatigue builds up, along with promoting better blood circulation. Manufacturers state this pair is good for pregnant women, nurses, or people having plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.

The material is also breathable and lightweight and feels comfortable.


This brand manufactures compression socks of nylon fabric to regulate temperature and breathability. It is also ideal for physical activities because the socks have a  stretching capacity of 360 degrees. So whether you have to catch a long flight, run about at work or go for your morning jog, you will love these antibacterial pairs of compression socks.

You get extra support, moisture-wicking properties, and a money-back guarantee with this brand.


If you are undergoing treatments for your feet, have a physically taxing routine, or are fed up with your daily swelling in the night, you could try this brand. These pairs tend to minimize cramps, boost your lactic acid production, and promote blood circulation.

All of these may help to ease off your swelling besides providing your uncomfortable feet a safe cocoon. Along with easing off pressure from your legs and feet, the sock's fabric also provides breathability and extra calf muscle support.


Offering a range of twenty-three colors, you can find a pair of this brand that not only matches your attires but also soothes your swollen feet. Combining spandex and nylon properties, this pair works to provide you extra comfort during your low and high impact activities.

The socks are knee-high but provide incredible support, breathability, anti-odor, and snug-fitting qualities.

ISEASOO SOCKS (15-30 mmHg)

Along with being compressions socks, this brand caters to the medicinal needs of individuals too. In this brand, you will find comfort, breathability, and the feet and legs' health as the priority. With high-quality materials and a blood circulation-boosting design, your feet will soon find relief from swelling and puffiness.

Moreover, the brand claims to offer rejuvenating respite from arthritic aches and pains. The extra oxygen airflow for your muscle is the best way to reduce swelling in the legs and feet.


If you think that extra wide socks will be better for soothing your swelling instead of compression, then you could try this brand. They have pairs featuring a blend of spandex, nylon, and cotton. The wider ankle and foot area is so helpful for swollen feet. You can stretch up to 25 inches in the calf area and slip the pair of socks without any struggle.

We know pulling socks on can be painful for swollen feet but these socks pair promise no squeezing and struggle as you wear them.


For those looking for premium and complete support for their swollen legs and feet, the FuelFoot compression socks are a good option. These socks regulate your blood circulation, which aids the muscle and the plantar fasciitis complications and others away.

Every pair of swollen, aching, and tired legs and feet deserve tender care and extra support, and you can rest assured of these with this brand. You can also trust the high-quality materials in the socks that are not only breathable but cater to all the sensitive needs of your swollen feet. You can trust this brand to act as a medicinal enhancement and speed up your recovery.


You will love how these cold therapy socks will provide fast relief for swollen, inflamed, and aching feet. The socks include four packs of cold gel and even a full-sized pair so that you can soothe the bottom of your feet too.

The half-sized pair in the package works behind your heel or on the top of your foot. The spandex and nylon combination along with fleece lining adds to the comfort and stretchability of the socks.

However, it is important to note that cold therapy socks like this brand work only for certain individuals. You must never use them without consulting your physician because they can be risky for circulation. Even still, if the socks cause you tingling in your toes, numbness, or foot pain, please remove them immediately.


Swelling in the legs and feet can be very discomforting and even painful. The right pair of socks can soothe your swelling pain if the cause of its minor health discomforts. However, in case of serious health problems, you must never fail to consult a doctor. Also, always seek the approval physician before you try on a pair of socks for swelling.



  • I need sox for swollen legs I can’t find soxs anywhere to fit me help

    Susan MazzarellaI
  • In addition to needing wide, loose socks, I am desperately searching for socks with 100% cotton. Due to allergic & very sensitive skin, it’s best for me to wear cotton or bamboo fabrics. I definitely need the loose tops, to avoid marks on my ankles or calves.

    Jeanine Hansen

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